Homeowners Insurance & Roofing

Teague Roofing understands that it’s important for homeowners in Missouri to understand how their homeowner’s insurance policy covers roof damage. Your roof is a major component of your home and is expensive to repair or replace. Having adequate homeowners insurance ensures you’re protected financially in the event of roof damage from storms, falling branches, hail, snow loads, and more.


Standard homeowners insurance policies do provide coverage for your roof, including the shingles/tiles, underlayment, flashing, gutters, and downspouts. Damage must occur suddenly and accidentally to qualify for coverage. This includes storm damage like hail hits or fallen trees, fire damage, and vandalism. Most insurance companies will pay to repair or replace damaged roof components after the policy deductible is paid.

However, most insurance policies do NOT cover “wear and tear” roof damage that occurs slowly over time due to aging, sun exposure, inadequate maintenance, etc. You’ll need to pay for routine roof repairs and eventual full replacement yourself. Some insurance companies offer additional coverage to pay for age-related roof replacement.


Filing a roof damage claim on your homeowner’s insurance provides several valuable benefits:

  • Your insurance company will pay for covered roof repairs and replacement minus your deductible. This saves you thousands in repair costs.
  • The insurance company will contract with an established, reputable roofing company of your choice to perform the work. This ensures quality workmanship.
  • You avoid dipping into savings or securing financing to fund unexpected roof repairs.
  • After a large hail storm or tornado, a flood of roofing claims helps hold down contractor pricing due to high demand.
  • Your temporary housing costs may also be covered if roof damage forces you from your home during repairs.

If your roof suffers damage, here are important steps to take for the best chance of your homeowner’s insurance covering the repairs:

  • Have your roof professionaly Inspected to identify all areas of damage. Document with dated photos/video since your insurance company can’t inspect until repairs begin.
  • Call your insurance company right away to report damage. Provide details of what occurred and the approximate timeframe.
  • Have roofers you trust conduct inspections to identify all damage, determine if a full replacement is needed, and compare roof estimates. Get their inspection report in writing as proof for your insurance company.
  • Provide all damage evidence (photos, roofer’s report, etc.) to your insurance company promptly. The more proof, the better!
  • Be persistent with your insurance company. You may need to negotiate if they offer partial coverage or deny certain repairs. Don’t give up!

If you have any questions or need guidance for your roofing insurance claim, contact Teague Roofing today. Our team has handled hundreds of successful insurance claims resulting in full-cost roofing services, including repairs and replacements. We’re experts at maximizing your roofing insurance coverage. Call 417-742-7068 or complete our online form to schedule your free roof inspection and insurance claim consultation!